onsdag 25 februari 2009

Market bottom

With more than five months elapsed since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, it appears as if the major stock markets in the world are attempting to put a permanent bottom in place, from where to embark on yet another multi-year bull market.

I've analyzed, with data originating from the NBER's library, all the major recessions beginning with the one starting in May, 1937. After a lot of time consuming analysis, coupled with easy to comprehend mathematical calculation, a novel, yet-to-be-discovered stock bottoming pattern has been successfully identified.

I will not yet disclose or illustrate its apperance, but I'll make the following projections:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, with today's closing value of 7270.89 has, with a 45 % chance of dropping another 10 %, bottomed.

A short list of individual stock advice before ending this Blog's first post:

ConocoPhillips will bottom at the price of $32/share, +/- $2 share.
General Electric at 8, +/- $1.
Honeywell at 22, +/- 2.
Caterpillar at 24, +/- 2.

All the stocks above are considered a strong buy, for the long term.

More tomorrow on the macroeconomic implications of my projected stock market bottoming scenario.

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